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A common symptom in the Gold Coast region is Concrete Cancer, however, this can sometimes be a small part of the issue. It may be caused by water infiltrating the concrete and reacting with the reinforcing steel.

Solace Building Services implements a reinforcing technique of waterproofing to prevent the issue from repeating. With extensive experience and being considered leaders in the region for Concrete Cancer and remedial concrete work.


How to water proof structures

Concrete Water proofing options

Liquid membranes

Liquid membranes are made of liquid and serve as a membrane barrier between two solutions.

Tanking Membranes

Tanking membrane is waterproofing done through sheets of water-proof material are applied to walls and floors above and, or below ground to prevent water penetrating the structure.

Torch on membranes

Made from sticky organic liquids and bitumen, considered one of the most reliable ways for water proofing.


Hypalon bandages

Waterproofing movement joints in concrete.

Loose layered sheet membranes

Providing waterproofing through layered sheets of membrane.

“Negative waterproofing” through injection

Waterproofing from the inside – this injection waterproofs the structure.
How do you make concrete waterproof?

To make concrete waterproof, you can add admixtures and use types of cement to keep the moisture away from the finished building material as much as possible. Sealing the concrete can be done with membranes, bandages or injections. This will create a smooth, water resistant surface.

What is the best waterproofing for concrete?

The right concrete sealer depends on the project and the requirements. Torch on membranes are regarded as reliable, while other specific challenges may require additional techniques. It’s recommended to consult an expert.

Can old concrete be sealed?

Yes – old concrete can be sealed, but it must be done so after ensuring contaminants, damage and problem areas, such as rust, mould, etc are all removed. The concrete can then be sealed to protect it from any damage arising from water. 

Concrete Cancer

Do i need water proofing? 

Waterproofing concrete structures may be called upon by signs of concrete cancer, or as part of a preventitive solution. Solace Building Services can work with you to diagnose concrete issues, or, to quote your project. Enquire with the subject matter experts in Concrete Remediation.

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