Concrete cancer

What is concrete cancer or Concrete Spalling?

Concrete Cancer or Concrete Spalling is a common problem in all coastal regions, such as the Gold Coast, Tweed Heads and Coolangatta. The climatic conditions of a coastal environment expose concrete to contaminants which accelerate corrosion of the steel reinforcement. This causes the steel to expand, displacing the concrete around it, causing it to become brittle and crack thus accelerating the spalling process.

Common signs include – 

  • Crazing and cracking concrete (concrete spalling)
  • Rust stains which seem to leak out from within the concrete
  • Bubbling (also called Plating) of concrete render
  • Leaks which appear in overhead concrete surfaces

Our patners Condok Remedial provide a guide to identifying Concrete Cancer, which can become apparent in a number of ways.

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Repair for Concrete Cancer

Repair options for concrete cancer?

Solace Building Services considers itself the leading company in the Gold Coast area who specialises in this field. From the feedback that we receive. Solace excels in, 

  • Noise and dust reduction
  • Longstanding results
  • Using global suppliers
  • Investing in state of the art equipment

Solace Building Services engages with predominantly repairs that have already been attempted and failed. Solace has the expertise and the results to show in this field.

Concrete Spalling Projects

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