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Concrete Cancer or Concrete Spalling is a common problem in all coastal regions, such as the Gold Coast. The climatic conditions of a coastal environment expose concrete to contaminants which accelerate corrosion of the steel reinforcement. This causes the steel to expand, displacing the concrete around it, causing it to become brittle and crack thus accelerating the spalling process.

Common signs include – 

  • Crazing and cracking concrete (concrete spalling)
  • Rust stains which seem to leak out from within the concrete
  • Bubbling (also called Plating) of concrete render
  • Leaks which appear in overhead concrete surfaces

You can read our guide of how to identify concrete cancer below.

What causes concrete cancer?

Causes of concrete cancer

Insufficient Cover

The steel reinforcing in concrete requires protection from the Building codes specify the steel reinforcing is covered by at least 50mm of concrete. Some structures require more depending on their use and local conditions. The minimum cover is designed to protect the steel.

When a engineer inspects the steel on a newly constructed building prior to the concrete pour, part of the inspection is to ensure that the steel meets its minimum cover requirements. The building codes pre mid 1980s required that the minimum cover of concrete was only 25mm. There for you will find that the steel reinforcing was much more susceptible to corrosion in buildings constructed before this era.

Cracks from Deflection

Due to environmental factors or others, buildings can move, which can cause cracks to appear.

These seems common in appearance and usually don’t cause much concern. However, often the cracking opens the concrete up to contaminants, which causes the erosion of the steel.


AAR (Alkali aggregate reaction)

AAR is an umbrella term for ASR (Alkali silica reaction) and ACR Alkali Carbonate reaction.

Such problems happen when the aggregates in the concrete react with the cement paste. They can be induced by damp humid conditions in which ASR is very common. ACR is very rare – however it does still pose a risk.

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Repair for Concrete Cancer

Repair options for concrete cancer on the gold coast?

Solace Building Services considers itself the leading company in the Gold Coast area who specialises in this field. From the feedback that we receive. Solace Building Services excels in, 

  • Noise and dust reduction
  • Longstanding results
  • Using global suppliers
  • Investing in state of the art equipment

Solace Building Services engages with predominantly repairs that have already been attempted and failed. Solace Building Services has the expertise and the results to show in this field.

What is Concrete Cancer?

Concrete Cancer is the rusting of the steel reinforcement inside concrete. This means the stucture and strength of the concrete can be comprimised, leading to brittle and weak concrete, or in severe cases, partial or complete collapse. Concrete Cancer can be common in environments with contaiminants in the air, such as coastal reigons and areas with high levels of moisture.

How to fix Concrete Cancer?

Concrete Cancer is typically recommended two solutions. For cases of poor concrete cover and concrete carbonation, the recommended solution is removing the damaged concrete, with UHP Blasting or alternative methods. The steel is then treated with a steel primer, a polymer modified material and an additional protective layer to the concrete. For more complex cases, which involves the chloide contamination of concrete, then a solution using a combination of concrete removal and electrochemical treatment may be recommended by a concrete cancer expert. 

What does Concrete Cancer look like?

Concrete Cancer comes in many forms, and can look like rust stains, calcification or efflorescence or cracking/blistering in the concrete. Concrete Cancer can look different depending on the area affected, but some good examples of signs can be found here.

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