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Building Insurance Repairs Gold Coast 900.400


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Why Us?

At Solace Building Services we understand how personal and valuable property is to people. We believe we have some of the most competent and reliable tradespeople that our region has to offer working with us.

In most cases, home insurance can cover issues such as hail damage, flood damage, fire, wind and malicious damage. Insurance policies can be quite confusing. When making an insurance claim on your home or property, using a building service that is familiar with the insurance industry can play a major part in getting the money that you are entitled to. Solace Building Services is a local Gold Coast Building Service that is familiar with the insurance industry. Our experience in the remedial building sector is second to none. We also believe that we provide the most hands-on and personal service out of all our competitors. If you would like to deal with a small, professional and owner-operated service that will treat you with respect and honesty, Solace Building Services is for you. When it comes to finding quality tradespeople at the right price we believe there is nobody that provides a service like ours. If you are in need of an honest, reliable and professional building service that will get in and get the job done, we would love to hear from you and remember we don’t just do insurance work. See our services at the top of the page

The truth about Eco, Sustainable and plantation timber

The truth about ECO, sustainable and plantation timber

First of all, dont get me wrong, I am not a die hard greeny that chains myself to trees or anything like that. How ever I dont like how companies that tell lies in order to sell their products. All I am doing in this post is informing you of the facts.

Eco and sustainable are words that  get used to sell all different types of products.

ECO and sustainable are words that are not regulated and there is no benchmark set for people who wish to use it for selling their products. The definition of free range eggs has more meaning and everyone knows what a joke that is !

In reality its another sales pitch by big companies to try and make people feel good about choosing their products.

In the case of timber building products  it gets used a lot. You have products like Eco ply, eco timber, plantation timber and the list goes on.

First of all Plantation timber is not ECO friendly or sustainable!!!!!!

ask these questions:

What was on the land before the tree Plantation was there ? ( most likely a natural Forrest)

What happens to the native animals and plants when these forrest are destroyed and burnt ?

How do they stop bugs and native wildlife from eating the seedlings ? ( aerial spraying )

where do these sprays go when it rains ( into the rivers)

How do they stop the native animals that eat the seedlings ? (poison)

What other practises do these big multi national companies do oversees ? ( you’l see in one of the links below)

I grew up in a town surrounded by these ECO  plantations, people don’t even drink the water out of the tap in my town  now.

Check this link out

This is just 1 story out of thousands but its close to my heart !!!


The link below is a good example , search for a Malaysian logging company called TA AAN.

 Steel is a far more ECO friendlyand sustainable product !

Why :

Its 100% recyclable

Australia has mountains of it

The industry is not as spread out as Tree plantations

You don’t need to cut down and burn as many virgin forest

These are just a few reasons off the top my head.

Its termite resistant.

It last forever.

Make up your own mind?

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