Building Insurance Repairs Gold Coast 900.400
Building Insurance Repairs Gold Coast 900.400


Building Insurance Repairs – Gold Coast – Tweed Coast


Why Us?

At Solace Building Services we understand how personal and valuable property is to people. We believe we have some of the most competent and reliable tradespeople that our region has to offer working with us.

In most cases, home insurance can cover issues such as hail damage, flood damage, fire, wind and malicious damage. Insurance policies can be quite confusing. When making an insurance claim on your home or property, using a building service that is familiar with the insurance industry can play a major part in getting the money that you are entitled to. Solace Building Services is a local Gold Coast Building Service that is familiar with the insurance industry. Our experience in the remedial building sector is second to none. We also believe that we provide the most hands-on and personal service out of all our competitors. If you would like to deal with a small, professional and owner-operated service that will treat you with respect and honesty, Solace Building Services is for you. When it comes to finding quality tradespeople at the right price we believe there is nobody that provides a service like ours. If you are in need of an honest, reliable and professional building service that will get in and get the job done, we would love to hear from you and remember we don’t just do insurance work. See our services at the top of the page

Tile Repairs

Terracotta Tile Restoration Gold Coast – Tweed Coast


Terracotta Tile Restoration Gold Coast – Tweed Coast

Terracotta tiles are very common in our region. Through out the 80’s and 90’s terracotta floor and roof tiles were very popular, however in many instances most of them are a pour es tile . Which means that they absorb moisture and can stain quite easily. It’s quite common to see terracotta tiles that have acquired  rust, dirt and calcium stains which are the white salty looking stains you see not just on terracotta but also brick work and concrete.

To clean terracotta

You must be careful what type of cleaners you use. Some cleaners have a tendency to discolor the tile, others may react with the sealer that is used to waterproof the tile.  As a rule of thumb use as little chemical as possible.

Repairing terracotta tiles

Can also be tricky. When tiles start to de laminate or go as they say “drummy”. You need to be extremely careful when pulling up the loose tiles that you don’t loosen all of the other tiles, otherwise you may find yourself ‘re tiling your whole house or balcony again. Which is not what we want.

Sealing Terracotta tiles

Is another tricky job. Believe it or not if you don’t use the correct sealer your tiles have the potential to explode due to trapped moisture. For sealing terracotta tiles outside you need to use what they call a penetrating sealer or soloxane sealer. Solaxane sealers are solvent based sealers that have the ability to any trapped moisture out of the tile once sealed. They are quite easy to apply, always be generous on the first 2 coats, let the sealer soak right in and apply the second coat before the first coat dries, then come back 24 hours later and apply a third for the best results.

There are many brands of these sealers on the market and it really pays to shop around.

If you are not confident about doing it your self you can contact me any time for a free consultation and quote.

Hope you found this useful !