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At Solace Building Services we understand how personal and valuable property is to people. We believe we have some of the most competent and reliable tradespeople that our region has to offer working with us.

In most cases, home insurance can cover issues such as hail damage, flood damage, fire, wind and malicious damage. Insurance policies can be quite confusing. When making an insurance claim on your home or property, using a building service that is familiar with the insurance industry can play a major part in getting the money that you are entitled to. Solace Building Services is a local Gold Coast Building Service that is familiar with the insurance industry. Our experience in the remedial building sector is second to none. We also believe that we provide the most hands-on and personal service out of all our competitors. If you would like to deal with a small, professional and owner-operated service that will treat you with respect and honesty, Solace Building Services is for you. When it comes to finding quality tradespeople at the right price we believe there is nobody that provides a service like ours. If you are in need of an honest, reliable and professional building service that will get in and get the job done, we would love to hear from you and remember we don’t just do insurance work. See our services at the top of the page

Concrete spalling Gold Coast

Concrete Cancer Structural Beam
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concrete cancer structural beam

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concrete cancer stair case

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concrete cancer
steel reinforcement rusting

Concrete spalling Gold Coast

What is concrete spalling ?

Concrete spalling also known as concrete cancer, is the degradation of concrete, which includes the rusting of the steel reinforcement  as well as other failures such as carbonation  or the Alkali silica reaction.  Concrete spalling is Quite common in the Gold Coast and Tweed Heads Region. There can be a number of reasons for this, however the close proximity to the beach with the salty air and sub standard building practices plays a major Factor.

Identifying concrete cancer? concrete cancer corner beam 600 wide

The most important thing with concrete cancer is to identify it early. Concrete cancer is quite easy to repair  if it is caught in the early stages. If the problem is not addressed the damage may  start to effect the structural integrity of the building. If this happens the cost of repairs can escalate significantly. In severe cases the building may have to be demolished.

Signs of concrete cancer

  1. Cracking Concrete
  2. Chucks of concrete falling off walls
  3. Rust stains seeping through concrete
  4. Calcium deposits
  5. Exposed steel reinforcement

Concrete spalling can be more common in places that have more exposure to the weather especially balconies or places that tend to hold more water and moisture .


Repairing Concrete cancerconcrete cancer stairs 600

Repairing concrete cancer correctly can be an art in itself. From what I’ve seen, there are not many people that actually know how to repair concrete correctly. I think that at least 50% of the jobs that I inspect have already been repaired by someone who has charged a lot of money for a repair that doesn’t last and doesn’t blend in with the existing finish of the building. In most cases they haven’t even used the correct materials.

It is extremely important to totally remove the concrete spall, before patching the affected area. I have seen many cases where people have tried patching over the spalled area, without treating the area correctly to start with. All this does is make matters worse by hiding the concrete cancer and allowing it to spread unnoticed. By the time the cancer is noticed, the damage to the concrete has spread making it more difficult and expensive to repair.

We do not use regular cement for repairing concrete cancer and neither should anyone.

 What do you use to repair concrete cancer

We use a high tensile concrete patching compound that is specifically designed for repairing concrete. This compound is extremely strong and has excellent adhesion and durability properties.

See our concrete cancer service  page for details.

Making your concrete repair blend in

It requires a skilled trades person to actually follow the correct procedures, using the correct materials to repair concrete cancer. It also requires a great level of skill and experience to shape and mold the repair to blend it in to the existing finish of the building. If a repair is done correctly it should not look out of place and there should be minimal scaring. If you care about what your repair will look like, it is important to use a contractor who knows what they are doing.

How much do concrete cancer repairs cost ?

First of all every job is different, If the extent of the repairs is small and the problem is detected early and there is just a couple of small patches, say the size of a football the damage bill could be in the hundreds of dollars. If the concrete cancer has spread and the problems have started to effect the structural integrity of the building, that’s when the cost of repairs can escalate into thousands or even millions of dollars.

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How to prevent Concrete cancer

The best way to prevent your property from getting concrete cancer is to do regular building maintenance. Always try and keep your building weather proof by painting, sealing and waterproofing where needed. If you come across any cracking that may look suspicious get it looked at straight away by a qualified person. always ensure that the drainage around your building is letting the water get away. if you have concrete garden beds around the building make sure they are waterproofed adequately.

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