Concrete Cancer / concrete spalling

Professional seamless repairs

Concrete cancer is a common problem in all coastal regions. The climatic conditions of a coastal environment expose concrete to contaminants which accelerate corrosion of the steel reinforcement. We consider ourselves the leading company in Queensland who specialises in this field. From the feedback that we receive. Cost for repairs vary tremendously between contractors. One thing is for sure. 90% of the repairs we do, are previous repairs, or areas that have repaired and those repairs have now failed. The problem is that, with concrete cancer , if the repair has not been done correctly. It will take a couple of years before you will know. By that time the contractor, who did the work is long gone. There are couple of reasons why we believe our service is unbeatable. Our procedures are state of the art. Solace building services has invested heavily in state of the art equipment, to improve productivity, noise and dust. Our suppliers are global companies who have been industry leaders in our sector for decades.