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Building Insurance Repairs Gold Coast 900.400


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At Solace Building Services we understand how personal and valuable property is to people. We believe we have some of the most competent and reliable tradespeople that our region has to offer working with us.

In most cases, home insurance can cover issues such as hail damage, flood damage, fire, wind and malicious damage. Insurance policies can be quite confusing. When making an insurance claim on your home or property, using a building service that is familiar with the insurance industry can play a major part in getting the money that you are entitled to. Solace Building Services is a local Gold Coast Building Service that is familiar with the insurance industry. Our experience in the remedial building sector is second to none. We also believe that we provide the most hands-on and personal service out of all our competitors. If you would like to deal with a small, professional and owner-operated service that will treat you with respect and honesty, Solace Building Services is for you. When it comes to finding quality tradespeople at the right price we believe there is nobody that provides a service like ours. If you are in need of an honest, reliable and professional building service that will get in and get the job done, we would love to hear from you and remember we don’t just do insurance work. See our services at the top of the page

Concrete Cancer Repairs AKA Concrete Spalling


Licensed and insured with over 20 years experience in architectural coatings.

Body Corporate Friendly

Extensive experience in a wide range of body corporate concrete cancer repair issues.


Our work is fully guaranteed in alignment with QBCC and Fair Trading NSW.

Concrete Cancer / Spalling
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Concrete Spalling Repair Palm Beach
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Concrete Spalling Repair Lenox Head
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Concrete Cancer / SpallingConcrete Cancer RepairConcrete Cancer Repair Lenox HeadConcrete Spalling Repair Lenox HeadConcrete Spall Byron BayConcrete Repair Byron BayConcrete Spalling Runaway Bay

Concrete Cancer Repair – Brisbane – Gold Coast – Byron Bay

  • Seamless repairs

  • Licensed

  • Insured

  • 20+ years experience in architectural coatings


Over the past few years people have been paying more attention to concrete cancer which is also known as concrete spalling. A couple of years ago a famous building in surfers paradise, known as the Focus building, was discovered to be riddled  with concrete cancer. Because the problem had been ignored for so long the damage had become significantly more expensive. The estimated cost for repairs are expected to be almost $3 million once the repairs have been completed. This became a major problem for all of the owners in the building, not just for the cost of repairs, but I assume their resale value may have been affected from the publicity of the saga.

Here is an article from the Gold Coast bulletin

300 wideAfter this story came out, people became more conscious about the topic of concrete cancer and a more proactive approach was adopted by the majority. However, it is important to note that the Focus building was an extreme example of what can happen if the problem is ignored. Most of the jobs we see are not of an extreme nature, so it is important not to worry until you get some professional advice. However, it is extremely important to get suspected concrete cancer looked at once discovered. Early intervention can possibly save you a fortune.

I have written a blog post about concrete cancer that helps you understand and identify the problem.

Concrete cancer/spalling blog 


First of all, Solace Building Services is fully licensed, insured and very experienced in dealing with concrete cancer repair issues. After positive feedback from our clients which include some of Australia’s largest building maintenance companies, it has become well known that we are not only the most competitively priced service in our region, but our ability to be able to blend repairs into the original finish of the building is second to none.concrete cancer repair casuarina nsw

In other words, once we repair a building it is extremely difficult to be able to see that the building has been repaired at all. Which is imperative from a resale point of view. We also understand the needs of all of our clients, which include body corporates, national painting and building maintenance companies, Strata management groups, Body Corporates, businesses and the general public. Our objective is to always deliver quality work with as little distraction to clients and tenants  as possible. Many of the companies we deal with use our expertise and advice on various types of buildings all over the Gold Coast. Our experience ranges from high rises, blocks of luxury apartments, houses and older style units.

No middle man needed!

We do not subcontract our work out to other people, not only does this make us competitive, but it helps us ensure the job gets done correctly every time. We use the Parchem line of concrete repair products, as they are a well established industry leader in concrete repair. Parchem products are commonly specified by structural engineers for all types of concrete repair work.

We are a family-owned business that prides itself on honesty and quality!

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