Building Maintenance

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Solace building services is a building service that covers all aspects of building maintenance in the Gold Coast and Tweed Coast region. We are a small owner operated business, that uses fully qualified trade professionals. We have the capacity to take on all types of jobs large or small. Our clients range from businesses, Body corporate’s, Real estates, Home Owners and Investors.

Property is usually the biggest investment most people will make in their lives, It makes good sense to take care of your investment. Regular building maintenance plays a vital role in making sure your property doesn’’t decrease in value. In the long run it is way cheaper to spend a little bit each year, instead of waiting for something to go wrong. Our building repairs and maintenance services are the most versatile building services on the Gold Coast. Solace can customise building maintenance programs for all types of businesses or home owners. We have multiple qualifications in Building, Carpentry, Solid Plastering and have extensive experience in the latest architectural coatings. We can supervise large scale projects as well as supply skilled tradespeople for any type of job. Most of the work we do is either related to termite damage or rot, the climate we live in can get quite wet at times which speeds up the deterioration of common building materials. However the deterioration process can be stopped if regular maintenance is carried out to inhibit the absorption of moisture. Concrete, Render and Gyrprock Plaster repairs are also one of our specialties Solace Building Services has a background in solid plastering. This gives us the ability to repair all types buildings from modern styles of buildings, such as concrete tilt panel, brick veneer and timber clad to more traditional heritage style buildings such as double brick and stucco and Queenslander.   Solace Building Services offers free consultation and advice to all of our potential clients. If you require an honest, realistic and cost effective consultation by a trusted local contractor we can arrange to meet on site to speak about your needs.

Gold Coast Building Maintenance